Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Corporate Events

Corporate events sound like they are huge affairs put on by people with the last name of Bezos and Gates. However, corporate events aren’t just for the rich, and they aren’t necessarily huge. They’re for anyone who owns a business, and they come in multiple sizes. If it helps, think of them as “business gatherings for various group sizes” or “events for small to not-so-small groups.” 

What is the point of a business event for a group of any size? Mainly, they are used to:

  • Boost morale, train employees, and strengthen leadership
  • Thank clients and partners
  • Showcase who you are to clients and partners
Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Corporate Events

Events to Boost Morale, Train Employees, and Invigorate Leadership

Corporate events are not just for external clients and partners. They are also for the people who work for you and with you! They are the ones you see every day, and who you depend on the most. Without them, you have no business, vendors, or clients!

One way to boost employee morale is through seasonal get-togethers, such as a holiday party in December and an outdoor picnic in July. 

  • These are great ways for employees to bond with one another.
  • This is also a good way to emphasize why employees work for you–these parties should highlight  your company culture.  
  • And don’t forget to include part-time employees  and interns!

Another way to boost morale is through team-building activities. 

  • One idea includes volunteering as a company for a cause; 56% of employees report wanting to make a difference in the world. 
  • Another way to build team relationships is over a ropes course, where you need to trust your co-workers as you’re suspended 20 feet in the air! (Personally, I hate heights and would pick a different activity but ropes courses are very popular!)

Company events can also include offering employee education through training activities. 

  • These can include a day-long or longer workshop or retreat. 
  • It doesn’t even have to be a day. Examples include having a Lunch and Learn, where employees’ meals are catered and a speaker comes to discuss a new technology or a new way of handling a recurring problem. 
  • A reported 76% of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company that’s training them!

One other type of event is those for leadership.

  • This can include a quarterly or annual off-site planning session to get a fresh perspective for work that supports the purpose and vision of the company. This allows for uninterrupted brainstorming sessions and better problem-solving.

Events to Thank Your Clients and Partners

Do you know a whopping 84% of clients appreciate a thank-you in person, especially if it’s accompanied by a gift? Enter corporate events for clients! These could be in the form of:

  • Enjoying one-day retreats, where a location is rented, food is supplied, and a day of scheduled fun events take place
  • Organizing a speaking event, where an author comes to motivate or inspire the attendees, and everyone leaves with their book
  • Going to golf tournaments where you pay for your clients’  way 
  • Renting a box at a sporting event
  • Sponsoring a charity event that is near and dear to your clients’ hearts, and spending time with them there
  • Planning the old stand-by of a cocktail party, dinner, or a multi-night retreat as a thank you for top clients that mix fun events with a bit of business.

Events to Showcase Who You Are to Your Clients

Tradeshows and conventions are the old standbys when it comes to showing off your products and/or services. This is where you rent a booth, hand out samples or swag, and spend time talking to potential partners. This is also the time to take clients to dinner to build a personal relationship in order to create more trust for a longer lasting relationship.

But you can also offer a personalized seminar, introducing your company and/or product and how to use it while also providing food, beverage, and small talk. This is not on a loud and busy tradeshow/convention floor, it’s on your home turf, and you can give all your attention to building long-lasting relationships.

Lastly, you can host a client-focused group retreat, mixing business and fun, called a roundtable. These can be in the city where your headquarters or located or at a resort destination.

Does This Still Sound Like a Lot?

If you’ve never hosted a corporate event, start with something small with a small investment, and let us help you out. As your business grows, we can help you with bigger events when you need them. We have been corporate planners for 25+ years–we love this kind of stuff!

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