Why You Should Invest in Branded Products as a Small Business Owner

Branded products are silly. They’re dust collectors. They’re at the bottom of your priority list.

Well, consider this: every impression helps people remember your brand, and “the rule of seven” still applies–it takes seven interactions with your brand before a consumer starts to remember it. 

For many, interactions means ads, sponsorships, and thought leadership pieces. Yes, these are all good ways to get interaction. 

Another excellent way to get interaction is through branded products. Branding your company creates more trust in your company, and by investing in branded products, you are showing off that brand–while also creating interactions with your brand. Win win!

But you need to make sure you invest in the right branded product that won’t be that dust collector you’re worried about. Let’s show you how.

Good ideas for using branded products include swag for:

  • Trade Shows and Client Meetings
  • Thank You Gifts for Clients and Employees
  • Company Advocates
  1. Business Cards are Great, But Swag is Better

Do you know that 88% of business cards are thrown away in less than a week, and that out of 2000 cards that are handed out, only 2.5% sales are made?

Comparatively, swag may go a lot further. It’s hard to throw out a fun or necessary item. A stress ball in the shape of a brain? Yes please! A stuffie of your company mascot? Ooh, that sounds like fun.

As people use your items at home, your brand gets in front of the prospective client’s eye. Again and again and again.

That card that you hand out? I’m not thinking someone’s five-year-old is wanting to cuddle with that.


  1. Thank You Cards are Great, But Thank You Swag is Better

Saying “Thank You” is a lovely gesture. A card is even lovelier–but it’s in the trash sooner than later. 

But do you know what does say thank you in a memorable way? Corporate gift baskets and gift boxes. Finding popularity decades ago, they still hold up well. And according to Entrepreneur, they’re most likely to be handed out for promotions, birthdays, company anniversaries, retirements and, yes, thank you’s. Company branded items can go into this basket, as well as local fare such as chocolate, jams, and coffee wrapped up in a bow–that uses a ribbon branded with your company logo.


  1. Business Attire is Great, But Branded Attire is Better for Your Company Advocates

Do you know that investing in employee branding strategies can lower company turnover? Granted, most employee branding strategies consist of treating the employees well and moving forward together to build a company both the C-suite and employees are proud of.

But did you know that both executives and employees who are proud of their company want to wear their company’s brand when they represent their company? Think of an NBA team proudly wearing their colors, or the crew on a Southwest flight wearing their uniforms. The same idea can be applied to your company, too, as long as you have first made your company one that people are proud to work for.

To help employees be great company advocates, think about investing in branded products such as:

  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Water Bottles
  • Coffee Travel Mugs
  • Pins

As you move forward in researching and investing in branded products, remember to look at not only the price, but also the quality of the product. There’s nothing worse than buying 2000 widgets because they were cheap–and they are all junk. That is something you don’t want to be remembered for.

Ideas for Swag Featuring Your Company Brand:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Branded golf balls
  • Branded gift wrap and ribbon
  • Branded padded envelopes and packaging tape
  • Branded M&Ms
  • Branded coffee cups paired with your client’s/employee’s favorite coffee
  • Branded picture frame paired with a gift card to a photo service (e.g., Shutterfly or Tinyprints)
  • Branded potholder with a gift card for food (e.g., Trader Joe’s or Blue Apron)
  • Branded blanket with a gift card for a streaming service (e.g., Netflix, Paramount+)

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